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Tomsk area

Contemporary territory of the Tomsk region presents a small, but at the same time the most populated part of the former Tomsk district. Once a stockaded town of Tomsk towered above the uninhabited valley of the strange river among scanty settlements of eushtin and chat tatars. Ñloseness of the city and presence of the advanced transport roads determined historical role of the region near the river Tom.


The area as an administrative and territorial unit was formed in 1962. This is the largest rural municipal formation (Square-10064.2 sq.m) and the most densely populated territory of Tomsk area (Population density - 8,6 people per sq.km). The territory of municipal formation is divided into 18 rural districts that consolidate 141 settlements. The administrative centre of Tomsk area is situated in Tomsk.

The territory has significant water, mineral stuff, land, hunting, fish and wood resources. The area covered with woods aggregates 756000 hectare or 75 % of the general area of the distrikt. The most significant common stock of operational coniferous woods (6,9 million m3) is situated at the present moment on the territory of the Tugansk forestry. Recreational resources are one more important component of the natural capital of the Tomsk area. The basis of them is made with especially protected natural territories. In area is present 69 state sanctuaries of regional value, including 11 geological, 8 water, 46 botanical, 4 zoological. There are also two state natural game reserves of regional value (Kaltai and Larinsk) and one reserve of the federal value.

Leading economic branches on the territory are agriculture and industry. The area is the largest manufacturer of agricultural production in the region. About 60 enterprises and farms stably work, constantly increasing manufacture. Among them are: Joint-Stock Company «Tom», Joint-Stock Company «Pig-breeding complex» Tomsk», restricted liability society «Poultry factory «Tomsk», restricted liability society «Plemfactory «Zavarzino», SEC «Nelyubino», SEC «Ribolovo», KFH «Kolpakov» etc.

Milk cattle breeding, pig-breeding, poultry, vegetable width is100 % - growing and grain growing form the basis of manufacture of agroindustrial complex. In area since 2002 have returned to the forgotten cultivation of long-fibred flax, and in 2003 for the first time was arranged processing of it up to a flax fiber. Further the increase of areas under crops for this culture and fit out by the equipment for deep processing on a place is planned.

The industrial potential of municipal formation is made of the enterprises of the building materials industry, light industry, food industry, wood and woodworking industry, glass and porcelain-faience industry. The enterprises of the industry of building materials, such as Kopilov ceramic and silicate factories work most effectively. Also significant enterprises are restricted liability society «Beauty SM», a Bogashov factory of art ceramics, restricted liability society «Tom-Extra», Tomsk and Svetlensk RRBD, fancy leather factory and factory of soft toy «Tsarina».

The Tomsk area outstrips the majority of municipal formations of our region on a level of development of sphere of business, conceding only to Tomsk by amount of working small enterprises, basically engaged in trade and catering.

The area annually takes part in regional competitions on efficiency of works in new economic conditions and to social partnership, taking prize-winning places.

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